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About Helotes Gallery

We value our patrons and our artists….

As a patron you want an enjoyable art experience. And we at the Helotes Gallery want to give you just that with a friendly atmosphere and beautiful unique art of all types. As an artist you want to share you art and meet people who appreciate art. And we want to give artists the opportunity to do that.


You may see on our porch or around Helotes artists demonstrating their talent. Inside the gallery, you may see artists in pop-up studios where you can see artists at work, their works in process, and meet them as they create. Not only that but we will have exhibitions for local art schools and for groups such as plein air artists painting in Helotes. We will also offer fun and educational art classes of all types throughout the year. Periodically we will have receptions in the evening celebrating art, artists, and our community. Those participating in Ladies Night Out and other groups are most welcome and all will experience a fun and hopefully mutually beneficial art experience.

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